Thursday, June 30, 2011

Need storage on the go?

Aberdeen XDAS Mini RAID Storage DAS w/Control Panel


The XDAS Mini RAID box offers a truly innovative eSATA(3.0Gbps)/USB2.0/ Firewire 800 (8 bay model) solution for use with your PC and Mac workstation. Designed and leveraged with Aberdeen's existing high performance RAID technology, this RAID box delivers high-capacity performance at the best of cost/performance value. With RAID box technology, it allows one HDD failure without impact on the existing data and failed drive rebuild is transparent to the host.

Unparalleled Performance 8-Bay Model

The 8-bay XDAS Mini unleashes a truly innovative multiple hosts (with 3.0Gbps eSATA, USB3.0, FireWire 800, iSCSI/AoE and USB2.0) solution for both PC and Mac. The eSATA port delivers in excess of 220 MB per second (MB/sec) sustained RAID 0 reads and over 210 MB/sec RAID 0 sequential writes. High transfer rates make this unit well suited for audio/video application especially the rapidly growing demand from the Mac Video Editing markets. The Intelligent cooling continuously adapts to environmental conditions by automatically controlling the speed of the cooling fans. This XDAS mini also offers a super silent design, optimizing balance between noise reduction and necessary cooling.

Performance 4-Bay Model

The XDAS Mini RAID solution unleashes the power of 3.0Gbps performance and NCQ support on the eSATA host port. The eSATA port delivers in excess of 210MB/s sustained RAID 5 reads and over 176MB/s RAID 5 sequential writes. The result is superior overall performance compared to other 4 bay eSATA solution. High transfer rates make the XDAS Mini well suited for audio/video application, especially the rapidly growing demand from the Mac Video Editing markets. With the target mode multiplier emulation, both eSATA and USB2.0 host channel (with port multiplier function) can support multiple volumes (up to 4).

Unsurpassed Data Availability

The XDAS Mini provides RAID levels 0, 1, 10, 3, 5, Single Disk or JBOD RAID
configurations. Its high data availability and protection derives from the following capabilities: Online RAID Capacity Expansion, Array Roaming, Online RAID Level / Stripe Size Migration, Global Online Spare, Automatic Drive Failure Detection, Automatic Failed Drive Rebuilding, Disk Hot Swap, Online Background Rebuilding, Instant Availability /Background Initialization, Auto Reassign Sector and Redundant Flash Image. Greater than Two TB support allows for very large volume set application in 64-bit environment such as data-mining and managing large databases.

Easy RAID Management

Manual configuration and monitoring can be done through the LCD Control Panel, RS-232 and LAN port. The LCD Hot-Key supports one-step easy RAID configuration to simplify the setup of the XDAS Mini. It’s API library supports customer to write its own monitor utility. The hardware monitor can monitor system voltage, temperature and fan. Enclosure management features include fault indicators and status LEDs, event notification and user configurable audio alarms via eSATA in-band signal.

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