Friday, July 1, 2011


The new XDAS D-Series Hyrbid model features both four 8Gb/ Fibre Channel (FC) host ports and two 1GbE iSCSI host ports and a new SAS2.0 6G hard drive backplane. This combination enables SMBs to deploy FC SANs delivering outstanding price-performance and achieve highly cost-effective remote replication with the iSCSI ports. The enterprise-class data protection and exceptional performance of the XDAS D-Series Hybrid powered by the next-generation RAID engine is ideal for mission-critical environments. 

he XDAS SAS RAID Storage subsystems include hot-swappable components to ensure continuous and reliable operation to offer comprehensive manageability and optimal performance.

The Aberdeen XDAS can be daisy chained to each other to create a massive storage solution leaping past 1PB (Petabyte) of storage. Aberdeen XDAS scalable SAS RAID storage subsystems can be equipped with redundant RAID Controllers and are widely applied in disk-to-disk backup, server-attached and as network data storage solutions in major industries such as data-mining, medical imaging, scientific research, security/CCTV, and digital media including video-on-demand, HD streaming, real-time editing and more.
XDAS D21Hm/D22Hm


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