Wednesday, June 29, 2011

What is XDAS-HD Video Storage?

The Aberdeen XDAS-HD is built upon the concept that today’s storage market demands unconditional quality, highly expandable capacity and maximum performance in RAID attached storage devices. The XDAS storage boxes utilize SSD, SAS or SATA drives.

The Aberdeen XDAS-HD, which is part of the XDAS Series Direct Attached Storage line, can easily exceed 800MB/s transfer rates. With this untouchable performance the XDAS-HD provides the ability to not only handle simple 1080i HD streams but it is robust enough to edit and review as many as 10 HD video streams simultaneously without any frame skips and stream 4K projects flawlessly.

Aberdeen’s can deliver industry leading 10Gbit transfer rates. With this untouchable performance Aberdeen provides the ability to not only handle simple 1080i HD or 10 HD video streams simultaneously and it is robust enough to stream uncompressed 4K.

Aberdeen’s 24-port 10-Gigabit Ethernet switch offers a full suite of advanced Ethernet switching. In addition to the 24 ports at 1-gigabit per second, the NT602 offers up to 4x 10-gigabit per second "uplink ports". These uplink ports can be used to connect to 10-Gigabit Ethernet backbone networks or servers with 10-Gigabit Ethernet connectivity - or they can be "stacked" to create a larger capacity switch. Fiber or copper wiring options are available.



Key Features:
  1. High performance, redundancy, and connectivity 8Gb and 10GbE interface supports
  2. High performance/availability SAS or SSD drives and high capacity/lower cost SATA drives in a single system, the flexibility to reduce total cost of ownership (true mix-and-match of drives in a single enclosure)
  3. Dual RAID controllers available
  4. Scalable with expansion ports to couple with business growth
  5. Environment monitoring with SEP/SES Support
  6. Redundant and hot swappable fans and power supplies reliability and easy maintenance
  7. Daisy Chainable for added expansion
Aberdeen's XDAS-HD  features cutting-edge technology and provides virtually unlimited storage capacity. As a self-contained video storage solution, the XDAS combines affordable, high-capacity enterprise-level SATA drive technology or ultra-fast file transfer SAS and SSD drives with an industry-standard 10GbE iSCSI or 8Gb Fibre connectivity.

  • Nonlinear Editing
    • Designed for professional content creation applications
    • Supports multi-stream SD, HD, 10-bit, 2K (2048x1080) and 4K (4096x2160) workflows
    • Virtual volumes for project based storage and real time, multi-user shared access
    • OS independence for full interoperability in Windows, Linux and Apple environments
  • Superior Data Protection
    • Featuring dual independent RAID controllers with dual parity RAID technology 
      RAID 6 along with support for RAID levels  0, 1, 3, 5, and 0+1.
    • Featuring RAID 6 -protect mission-critical data from two concurrent disk drive failures
    • New ultra-fast PowerPC ASIC 400 Processor based controller
    • RAID controller features 256MB cache (upgradeable to 512MB)
    • RAID configuration and management tools via Browser-based GUI or built-in LCD Panel
    • Market leading I/O performance
  • Massive Storage Capacity
    • Sixteen drive bays hold up to 48TB of storage.
    • Independent Ultra ATA drive channels eliminate interdrive dependencies to maximize bandwidth and availability.
    • Hot-swappable disk drive modules with useable storage capacities up to 48TB
    • Features SAS / SATA and SSD  disk drives
  • High-Speed Throughput
    • The dual independent 8Gb Fibre Channel or 10Gb Ethernet host interface, transfers terabytes of data at up to 800MB/s Fast enough for demanding HD video editing applications.
    • Single or dual controllers
  • Maximum Uptime
    • Designed with field-replaceable modules the XDAS RAID keeps running with redundant load-sharing power supplies and cooling modules.
    • Hot-swappable disk drive modules and fans, redundant power supply option
    • The included RAID Admin utility makes it easy to set up, manage, and monitor even from remote locations.

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