Thursday, January 5, 2012


Aberdeen has more than 20 years of experience providing integrators with quality enterprise-level custom server and storage solutions at entry-level pricing. Our customizable OEM friendly servers and IP SAN storage solutions continue to be integrated into video security infrastructures, while providing exceptional performance with the flexibility for true scalable storage-centric systems optimized for digital video surveillance.

Aberdeen's customizable AberSAN series of storage solutions deliver exceptional qualities with unified storage features such as; unlimited snapshots, deduplication, virtualization, replication, high availability, thin provisioning and scale-out storage capabilities.

One of several benefits brought to the IP SAN video storage industry via the ZFS file system, is RAID-Z. This robust RAID architecture provides a level of virtually unlimited hard disk drive parity for protecting against disk failures along with an inherent self healing disk drive RAID feature. Along with an industry leading five-year warranty, the AberSAN also is available for HA clustering and complete fault tolerance to combat points of failure.

Aberdeen AberSAN V30 3U ZFS SAN

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