Wednesday, November 23, 2011

12 Awesome Server Admin Apps for Windows Phone 7

1. Pingdom Pulse (Free) provides access to your free or paid Pingdom account, a hosted third-party server monitoring service. You can view a summary of all your Pingdom checks, including current status and response time. You can also see a summary of the past 30 days performance for each check. Additionally, you can run manual checks on any http server.

2. Mobile Server Stats ($1.99 after trial) provides remote real-time monitoring stats of a Windows Server or PC when its free server component is installed on the computer. Get standard statistics (e.g., on system, CPU, drives, processors, services, running processes, users and groups) and add custom WMI queries. It also includes simple HTTP server monitoring. You can view real-time statistics or cached polls stored on the computer.

3. Network Tools (Free ad-based or $2.99) uses a remote server to run pings, TCP port connection tests and HTTP/HTTPS connection tests. It also provides a graphical display of their ping, port 80 and HTTP response statuses. Remember, a remote server is used, so it can't reach local resources; they must be accessible via the Internet.

4. Wake My PC (Free) lets you remotely boot up computers via the Wake-On-LAN (WOL) protocol. This is especially useful if you must remotely access files or connect via remote desktop. You must configure your compatible computer (in the BIOS) and network to use WOL. Then, simply enter in the computer's MAC address and Internet IP info.

5. Mobile DDNS ($0.99) is a DDNS client for your phone to update DDNS providers: DynDNS, NameCheap and ZoneEdit. This is great if you must connect to your phone via the Internet. You don't have to find and track your public IP. Just use the host name from a DDNS provider, and it will always point to your phone.

6. Cool Remote (Free) is used to remotely connect to and control a Windows (XP/2003/Vista/2008) machine running its free server application from your phone or any other computer via the web browser. It features full PC keyboard support (including ctrl, alt, shift, tab, esc, win, fn, home and end) and multi-monitor support. You can input connection details or scan the local network to find the PC.

7. RemoteDesktop ($12.99 after trial) is a full RDP Remote Desktop client for connecting to Professional editions (those that support including connections) of Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 2003 Server. It natively connects via RDP, and it doesn't require an extra server component, unless the computer isn't available on the Internet. If connecting locally, you can use the server component. RemoteDesktop supports standard security or Network Level Authentication (NLA). Multiple resolutions and pinch zoom are also supported.

8. SimpleVNC ($0.99 after trial) is another remote desktop client, but it supports the platform-independent VNC protocol. You can use it to connect to and control a Windows, Mac or Linux machine. The computer just has to have a VNC server (such as the free TightVNC or UltraVNC) installed.

9. Mobile SQL ($5.99) can connect to a Microsoft SQL server or Oracle MySQL database. You can then run queries and updates directly from your phone. It's a simple application that is great for performing occasional or emergency maintenance tasks.

10. VPSinn (Free) lets you access, manage and monitor your virtual environment. It's compatible with the Citrix XenServer and Xen Cloud Platform (XCP). You can check the status of your virtual machines, view their properties, and change states (e.g., start, stop, suspend, reboot and live migration).

11. My FTP ($1.29) is an FTP client with DropBox support. Connect to Internet-accessible FTP or NAS servers or your DropBox account to access, upload, download and manage your files. Its integrated file support lets you see images, play movies, listen to music and open text files.
12. SubCalc Subnet Calculator (Free) helps you calculate the network address, wildcard mask, subnet mask and other IP info. This is great when deploying a new network or configuring existing network components. You can input an IP address, define the number of hosts needed and the prefix length. It will then display the subnet and wildcard mask and broadcast address.
Search and find more apps with or without a Windows Phone by downloading Microsoft's Zune program, or try third-party directories, such as or

By Eric Geier

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